Structure and Organization


The importance of the human factor is one of the basic elements of B-COMMAND organization. We are convinced that the special professional skills of the personnel are an essential part of the competitive advantage of the company. Thanks to the integration of the different company departments, which goes beyond the general concept of rigid departments within each company function, B-COMMAND has realized the concept of a flexible organization.

Another basic element of the efficiency of B-COMMAND’s organizational structure is the conviction that both customers and suppliers are central elements of a partnership relationship. In the eyes of the company, this conviction is one of the key points for economic success and long-term customer satisfaction.

B-COMMAND supports the technical know-how of its employees through continuous training, which in turn leads to a fluent integration between the departments. Every employee of B-COMMAND is able to give technical advice to the customer. This leads to short communication channels between customer and supplier and saves valuable resources for both sides.

The possibility of each employee to carry out the customer consultation alone and to make the related decisions increases the sense of responsibility and leads to an appreciation of the results. This is an important impetus for the continuous improvement of the commitment and the customer relations based on partnership.

Of course, these principles apply to all employees of the company, which also includes the commercial agencies in the German area. B-COMMAND has decided in favour of commercial agencies in the sense of optimal customer service on site. These promote the communication with the customers and are also an important cornerstone of the company philosophy.

B-COMMAND is constantly on the move to offer its customers the best solution for the required application as quickly as possible. The organization of the company supports this claim and simplifies the realization.


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