Radio Remote Control JoyPlus

Radio Remote Control JoyPlus

Robust radio remote controls for industrial applications

Radio Remote Control Series JoyPlus

Mechanical Specifications:

  • up to 2 Joysticks
  • up to 6 function keys
  • Range: 80m
  • Weight control unit: approx. 1.1 Kg

Electrical Specifications:

  • protection degree IP65
  • operating temperature -10°C…+55°C
  • 1 or 2 speeds
  • double design of the control channels for more safety

Radio Remote Control JoyPlus – including Display

The series JOYplus from our radio remote control program is equipped with the possibility of bidirectional communication. The handheld transmitter can not only send commands to the receiver, but also receive and process feedback from the receiver.

The hand-held transmitter can be equipped with up to 2 joysticks, 1- or 2-axis, in order to operate several motors simultaneously. It is also equipped with an LCD display with a 24-digit alphanumeric display, which can also display small function symbols.

This means that urgently needed information such as weight, distance, working conditions, error messages, etc. can be made directly visible to the user.

If the machine is equipped with an intelligent serial interface, the type and number of feedbacks is almost unlimited. In this case, the generation of messages can be done directly from the machine using a small program.

If no serial interface is available, various ON/OFF inputs can be visualized on the display. The different states of the inputs can also lead to the display of predefined text modules.


Safety aspects
Safety is the top priority for every B-COMMAND product. All radio remote controls are therefore equipped with double control channels operated by double microprocessors. Each individual microprocessor carries out a permanent function test during operation. The output relays are equipped with 2 safety relays for the stop function. These guarantee a safe shutdown of the machine even in the event of a failure of any kind.

In addition, a 48-bit key ensures an individually encrypted connection between transmitter and receiver.