Cross Limit Switch Alpha

Cross Limit Switch Alpha

For approach speeds up to 3 m/s

Cross Lever Limit Switches Series Alpha for Hall Cranes

Mechanical Specifications:

  • 2 or 4 contacts
  • Switch-off 1- or 2-stage in each direction and various other circuit diagrams
  • Metal housing

Electrical Specifications:

  • protection degree IP65
  • operating temperature -20°C…+70°C
  • Rated insulation voltage 300V

Cross Limit Switch Series Alpha

The Alpha cross lever limit switch offers the possibility of convenient wiring, above all due to its large metal housing. The housing offers space for a total of 4 positive break contacts and is exclusively equipped with captive screws.

The Alpha series cross lever switch is produced in various switching configurations. In addition to a version for simple directional switch-off using 2 contacts, a version with 4 contacts for 2-stage switch-off in each direction is also available. In addition, there are other special switching configurations to choose from and we are also able to implement the special circuits you require.

All materials in direct contact with the environment are resistant to gases, oils and extreme temperature changes. The integrated rubber seal provides IP 65 protection without any problems. The device has been specially tested with regard to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and meets Performance Level d.