Pendant stations

  • Single-row
  • main current, direct control
  • up to 3kW direct control
  • 2 speeds
  • Prewired available
  • Single row
  • Auxiliary current, contactor control
  • Up to 12 command / signalling units
  • Various special components
  • Available pre-wired
  • Explosion-proof with ATEX approval
  • Aluminium housing
  • Single or double row
  • Up to 16 command stations
  • Available pre-wired
  • Modular construction
  • for auxiliary current, contactor control
  • Plastic housing
  • Up to 20 keys
  • Available pre-wired

Control cylinders - Pendant stations for direct control & auxiliary current applications

Control cylinders are simple and clear operating devices for the direct control of industrial plants and hoisting devices such as cranes. Thanks to their modern design, they enable ergonomic and easy transmission of control commands such as “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right” and “Stop”. Simple control bottles are only used for up and down movement in crane control. Other models also allow sideways movement. Further differences also lie in the type of housing. For example, we can supply control cylinders with the protection class IP65, so that they are protected against dust and water. Other models have special housings and seals, which are also explosion-proof. This is particularly important for hoists and cranes in the oil industry or heavy metal industry, as well as in mining.

All materials used are suitable for heavy industrial use and therefore also tested for permanent resistance to oils and acids. The pushbuttons are equipped with a rubber seal and can therefore ensure the properties of protection class IP65 even under the most adverse conditions. They therefore prevent the ingress of dust and water. Furthermore, all control cylinders are available as 1-stage and 2-stage pendant stations. The stages refer to the possibility of carrying out the directional movements at different speeds. With 2-stage control cylinders, there is thus a haptic feedback when changing between the different speeds of the horizontal and vertical control commands. Furthermore, each pendant station has an easily recognizable “emergency stop button”.

The optimized interior allows quick and easy wiring of the contact elements. Bridge contacts are available to minimize the cabling effort.

Control cylinders for industrial plants are always used when cranes or other devices have to be controlled from a greater distance. For example, for safety reasons or environmental conditions such as temperatures or polluted air. Or if the structural conditions do not permit any other form of control. Very often they are used to increase safety when transporting objects overhead. They are therefore mainly found on cranes and other lifting equipment. The contact elements of the pendant station are designed for use in control circuits.

Common areas of application in industry:

  • Foundries
  • building sites
  • Production plants
  • car washes
  • high-bay racking systems

LadyX - explosion-proof pendant stations for auxiliary current applications

Another special feature in our range are the explosion-proof pendant stations “LadyX”, with ATEX and IECEx approval. The special alloy of the metal housing made of aluminium, specific seals that go beyond the protection against the ingress of water and dust and the explosion-proof cable entries make the LadyX industrial plant and crane controls the perfect operating element in hazardous areas.

In addition, we at B-Command offer a wide range of standard symbol discs. Individual symbol discs can also be manufactured on customer request. The control cylinders can be individually equipped with push buttons, emergency stop switches and key selector switches. Illuminated elements (light-emitting diodes, illuminated pushbuttons) cannot be installed.

Direct pendant station - direct control for cranes & industrial plants

Pendant station/crane control for small load trains, for controls Single and double row for control units and direct controls, as well as for lifting equipment. The Direct pendant stations are the control bottles for the classic direct control. It offers space for a maximum of 3 buttons, which, in addition to the emergency stop switch, allows for a hoist with one or two speeds. Optional equipment with a supplementary brake contact is possible

All elements that are in direct contact with the application environment in industry and other areas are made of materials that are resistant to gases, oils and extreme temperature changes. For example, the functionality of the crane controls is guaranteed at temperatures between -25°C and +70°C. The all-round rubber seal and the housing ensure protection class IP65.

In addition, all our pendant stations crane controls have been developed in accordance with the relevant international standards:

EN60947-1, EN60947-5-1, NFC63-140 and VDE0660 part 2.

All harm. regulations:

  • EN60947-1
  • EN60947-5-1
  • EN60529
  • EN60204-1
  • EN60204-32
  • EN418
  • 2006/95 CE
  • 93/68 CE
  • 98/37 CE
  • 2004/108 CE

Kappa - modular Pendant Station with standard 22.5mm installation opening

Modular pendant stations for auxiliary power applications such as the Kappa series, are suitable for individual mounting and combination of different contact elements such as selector switches, emergency stop mushroom buttons, signal lamps and pushbuttons. They can be installed thanks to the standard 22.5mm mounting hole of various manufacturers. The switches are available in the colours yellow, black, blue and white and offer plenty of space for individual engraving. All materials that are in direct contact with the operating environment are also resistant to gases, oils and extreme temperature changes. Protection class IP65 is also ensured here, among other things, by the all-round rubber seal.


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