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The companies in the wind energy industry are some of the largest customers of B-COMMAND. There are many possible applications for our product range for the specific requirements. On this page we would like to give you an insight into B-COMMAND wind power products.

Geared limit switches play an important role in the field of azimuth adjustment. They are usually connected via a measuring pinion either directly to the Yaw gear rim or to the drive pinion of a Yaw motor. They fulfil 2 safety-relevant functions:

  • Cable twist protection
    The movement of the nacelle is limited to a certain number of revolutions so that the cables hanging in the tower are protected against twisting and thus against breakage.
  • Position detection / wind tracking
    By integrating electronic components such as potentiometers, incremental encoders or absolute value encoders, the exact nacelle position can be detected and monitored.

By changing the blade angle of the wind turbine, the rotation speed and thus the generated power output can be significantly influenced.

The gear limit switches are mainly used to generate an exact position signal of the blade position. The basis for an exact adjustment of the blade angle is the possibility to determine the momentary position with high precision.

Our measuring pinions are specially manufactured for use with encoders and geared limit switches. They are sold in conjunction with our FRS, FCN and FRM series geared limit switches, but can also be adapted to any shaft size of absolute or incremental encoders.

The largest field of application for these products is wind power, where the blade rotation or nacelle rotation is monitored with the aid of these gears together with gear limit switches.

The B-COMMAND team has a long tradition and experience in the wind energy industry.

The Hamburg-based company concentrates primarily on the production of geared limit switches for wind turbines. In addition to our engineers, responsible for the 100% quality of our products, our international sales team is able to help you immediately with all commercial or technical questions.

Wind Power

Wind Power