Crane Technology

Crane construction has to deal with countless requirements and regulations for both operator and machine. Operators and manufacturers of cranes attach great importance to permanent safety and reliability of the machines under all environmental conditions.

Our products for crane construction


Pendant Station

The single-row Pendant Station Lady of the LADY series for auxiliary circuits are the result of B-COMMAND’s long experience in the development and production of industrial control devices. These pendant stations are mainly used in industrial lifting technology – to control cranes, bridge cranes, hoists and winches – or in numerous industrial applications where machines or goods have to be moved indoors or outdoors. The Pendant Station Lady is available in 8 sizes, from 2 to 12 control and signalling points, various controls and switches can be mounted on each type on request. The emergency stop button is designed according to EN 13850. The NC contacts have a twin tag opening (EN 60947-5-1) and are also available in a redundant version with 2NC.

Rotary Limit Switch

On systems with outriggers, the outrigger must be mechanically limited. Here, rotary limit switches can provide for safe advance and limit switching of a respective jib stage.

Encoders can be used within the rotary limit switches to output the appropriate signals such as CANopen, Profibus, Profinet etc., which sends the specific signals to the appropriate controller.

B-COMMAND Nockenendschalter FRM Getriebeendschalter mit Encoder Nockenschaltwerk
Funkfernsteuerung mit 2 Joysticks JoySYS B-COMMAND

Radio Remote Controls

In crane systems any kind of movement can be controlled with the pendant stations or radio remote controls from our program. Due to the modular structure of the product range in the field of radio technology, the remote control can be individually tailored to almost any machine. The same can be realized even more easily for the pendant station control.

Cross Limit Switch

The safe limitation of the end positions of cranes and trolley drives of bridge cranes is realized by our cross lever limit switches. In addition to the basic stop function of the cross travel for each direction via 2 contacts, we are also able to implement a slow-down and stop function via 4 contacts. Furthermore, special switch configurations allow the exclusion of defined areas outside the travel range of the crane.


B-COMMAND Product Overview

In the B-COMMAND product overview you will quickly and easily find a solution for your application area. From pendant switches to radio remote control, everything is shown in our product overview to give you a quick overview of our product range.


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