Cross lever limit switch for indoor cranes and trolleys

  • Robust metal housing
  • 2 contacts (1NO+1NC each)
  • Multiturn version without end stop
  • 3 possible cable entries
  • glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic Housing
  • 2 contacts (1NO+1NC each) or 4 contacts (1NC each)
  • Multiturn version without end stop
  • 3 possible cable entries
  • Robust metal housing
  • Small, compact dimensions
  • 2 or 4 contacts (each1NO+1NC)
  • 3 possible cable entries
  • Up to 4 slow-action switches
  • G20 Cast iron housing
  • Stainless steel housing possible
  • various circuit diagrams

Premium cross lever limit switch for cranes and hoists

Conveying and lifting technology has to deal with countless requirements and regulations for both operator and machine. Operators and manufacturers of cranes attach great importance to permanent safety and reliability of the machines under all environmental conditions.

The safe limitation of the end positions of cranes and trolley travels of bridge cranes is realized by our cross lever limit switches. In addition to the basic stop function of the cross travel for each direction via 2 contacts, we are also able to implement a slow-down and stop function via 4 contacts. Furthermore, special switching configurations allow the exclusion of defined areas outside the travel range of the crane.

Cross lever limit switches of the Alpha, Beta and Lambda series are specially designed for use in heavy industry. All materials used guarantee robustness, good mechanical stability and maximum resistance to oil, gas and extreme temperature fluctuations.

The technological progress in crane development brings higher demands on the cross lever limit switches for new machines. All our cross lever limit switches are designed for high speed cranes and can be operated with max. 3m/s starting speed. The housings of the cross lever limit switches consist of extremely resistant ZAMAK die-cast material or fibre-reinforced thermoplastic, which is also resistant to high mechanical loads.

All our cross lever limit switches are equipped with 3 possible cable entries in size M20. This allows a flexible cable routing for the installer. Additionally we offer a pre-wiring. The operator can choose between:

Delivery of pre-wired contacts with plug installed in the housing (M20, number of poles different),
Delivery of pre-wired contacts with cable in the desired length.
Realizing customized solutions in the shortest possible time is a challenge we face every day. In addition to all the standard cross limit switches shown in our catalogue, we can offer you a wide range of special solutions according to your requirements. We look forward to working on your specification as well.


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