Through-Bore Slip Rings

rotarX Through-Bore Slip Rings

Through-Bore Slip Rings with inner diameter from 3mm to 300mm

rotarX Through-Bore Slip Rings for signal- and power transmission

Mechanical Specifications:

  • 0 – 1200 rpm
  • inner diameter: 30 … 300mm
  • Protection degree IP54 (higher on request)

Electrical Specifications:

  • 2 – 144 rings
  • 2-10A Rated current per ring
  • Max. Working voltage 240 … 690 VAC/DC

rotarX Hollow Shaft Slip Rings for Power- and Signal Transmission

Through bore slip rings (also known as «through hole slip ring») are slip rings with a hollow shaft in the center. This series is designed for being installed with a flange on a sleeve bracket and it is offering a free inner space for either connecting the rotor to a rotating shaft of the customer machine or for leading through pipes or cables not affected from rotation.

The hollow shaft slip rings are available with inner diameters from 3mm up to 300mm. The customer can select between slip rings with 2 up to max. 108 rings and power ratings from 2A up to 500A each ring.

The through bore slip rings use the best advanced fiber brush technology and precious metal multi-contacting, they offer low electrical noise for high data rate field bus transmission, low contact pressure for long lifetime and they are maintenance free.

We offer standardized & modularized design and fully customizable products according to the special requirements of customers in different applications.

If you have specific customized requirements, please feel free to consult us in order to create the most suitable recommendation for your specification.