Motor reversing contactors for conveyor and lifting technology

DC motor reversing contactors for industrial trucks

Mechanical Specifications

  • Main contacts: 2x 1NO / 2x 1NO+1NC
  • Lifetime (switching operations): 3 million

Electrical Specifications

  • Utilization category DC5
  • Nominal voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V

DC motor reversing contactor series TLD

The motor reversing contactor type TDL18A consists of 2 single pole contacts with 1NO/1NC each and the contactor TDL18B consists of 2 single pole contacts with 1NO each, both with internal wiring. The result is this compact product with a protection degree of IP 50. The normal operating mode is 50% interval mode. The maximum continuous load is 15min. The NC contacts are not designed to switch the current on or off.

The contactors have a very fast switch-off time (10msec.) and a relatively long pick-up time (about 20msec.).

This mode of operation enables safe reversals and prevents the contacts from being closed at the same time.

The use of spark quenching diodes increases the switch-off time and therefore it is very important to choose the correct type of diodes (diode+resistor).

The performance data can be taken from the TL11 model.