Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle construction is a broadly based area, just like the product range of B-COMMAND. From mobile cranes to fire-fighting vehicles to industrial trucks, B-COMMAND has a suitable component for every segment.

Our products for the vehicle construction industry

Slip Rings

The modular construction system of rotarX slip rings offers highest flexibility and a wide range of applications. The slip rings on mobile cranes and ladder trolleys are used in the rotation centre between superstructures and substructures. The electrical drives and the sensor technology of the rotating jibs must be safely connected in order to eliminate risks for the operator. The rotarX slip rings offer the optimal solution for this. Hollow shaft slip rings also allow cables or hydraulic lines to be fed through the inside of the slip rings. Optionally, B-COMMAND also offers hybrid rotary joints for the combined transmission of electrical power/signals and hydraulics.

Rotary Limit Switches

On outrigger vehicles the outrigger must be mechanically limited. Here, rotary limit switches can provide for the safe advance and limit switching of a respective boom stage.

Encoders can be used within the rotary limit switches to output the appropriate signals such as CANopen, Profibus, Profinet etc., which sends the specific signals to the appropriate controller.

Funkfernsteuerung mit 2 Joysticks JoySYS B-COMMAND

Radio Remote Controls

In the construction machinery segment, all types of loading cranes or cable winches can be equipped with the pendant switches or radio remote controls from our range. Due to the modular structure of the product range in the radio technology segment, the remote control can be individually tailored to almost any machine. The same can be realized even more easily for the pendant station control.

B-COMMAND Product Overview

In the B-COMMAND product overview you will quickly and easily find a solution for your application area. From pendant switches to radio remote control, everything is shown in our product overview to give you a quick overview of our product range.


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