Slip ring with up to 60 rings

B-COMMAND slip ring series PME

Mechanical Specifications

  • Top/bottom sides aluminium, slats thermoplastic
  • 20-60 Ringe
  • max. 30 revolutions / min

Electrical Specifications

  • Protection degree IP65
  • Operating temperature -20°C…+60°C
  • max. rated current: 100A per ring
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Find out more about the general features and technical specifications of the Slip Ring PME in our current product catalogue. The Slip Ring PME can be individually adapted to offer added value for machine safety. Premium engineering – that is our claim for every single Slip Ring PME. We would like to convince you of this.


To give you a first overview of the Slip Ring PME from B-COMMAND, we provide you with a 2D drawing of the Slip Ring PME. Of course, the B-COMMAND team will be happy to advise you.
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B-COMMAND slip ring series PME

The newly developed slip ring PME is particularly distinguished by its modern design and its wide range of application and assembly options. It can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements due to the modular expandable lamellae. Various materials for rings and busts enable the transmission of high electrical power, signals and data from BUS systems.

The bottom and end parts of the housing are made of aluminium, the modular expandable lamellae are made of thermoplastic and are connected with rubber sealing rings. The lamella structure of the upper part of the housing facilitates the dissipation of heat from the housing.

The cable entries of the rings are axial, the entries of the brushes are radial. The separation between rotor and stator is centrally located on the underside of the base part. Within a radius of 75mm is the rotating centre part, on which the rings are mounted above in the interior of the housing. The brushes are fixed above on the bottom part.

The cable exit of the brushes is via one or two cable glands radially on the sides of the housing. The rings are wired through the central tube. The cabling is already fully implemented and has a standard length of 2 meters. This can be modified according to customer requirements. Plug solutions are also possible.

There are 3 different module sizes with the power ratings 20A, 50A and 100A available. Rings and brushes, which are made of copper graphite as standard, can be coated with a silver or gold alloy. This increases the contact quality and has a positive effect on the wear properties.

The PME also provides the platform for a wide range of special options, such as the use of absolute encoders, microswitches or for an additional media feed-through.