Stage Technology

Stage Technology

Rotary Limit Switches and Slip Rings for Theater

Our Products for the Stage Technology:

Today’s concerts or plays present stage builders with ever new challenges. A large number of props and stage sets have to be moved as quickly as possible, lighting effects have to be precisely positioned and entire stages have to be rotated.

Due to the increasing digitalization and the manifold possibilities in the field of stage and event technology, the demands placed on slip rings have also increased significantly in recent years. Comprehensive camera and video technology with high resolutions, unusual lighting and sound technology for large productions, multi-axis moving stage sets in theatres and event venues, exhibition stands equipped with high-quality technology and highly automated and networked stage technology are just some of the current topics which also have a direct influence on the technology of our slip rings.

The switch-off and travel absorption at the individual winches is carried out here almost exclusively via gear limit switches. Here the end positions are limited by the switching contacts on the cam switch mechanism. More precise position detection is possible by evaluating encoder or potentiometer signals.

For use in stage technology, the devices must be approved by a special trade association in accordance with BGV-C1.

People, actors, machines and stage technology often meet on theatrical stages. This inevitably leads to injury potential.

In order to minimize the risk, it is suitable to use an enabling switch in some places. The function of our enabling switches is 3-stage or based on 3 positions. The working contacts are actuated in the middle position. For this purpose, we have implemented a clearly noticeable pressure point in the design. In the event of a panic action / injury, the operator would either press firmly (3rd stage) or release the handle (1st stage). Both times the working contacts would be deactivated and the system would be stopped. The 2nd stage must therefore be actively actuated and held.

In order to give you a good and simple overview of our products for stage technology, B-COMMAND has created a branch catalogue especially designed for stage technology. In this catalogue you will find all information about the products for stage and theatre technology.

Stage Technology