Slip Ring Roller

Slip Ring Roller

Robust slip ring for up to 100 rpm

B-COMMAND Slip Ring Series Roller

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Aluminium housing
  • 6-24 Rings
  • max. 100 rpm

Electrical Specifications:

  • protection degree IP65
  • operating temperature -20°C…+60°C
  • max. rated current up to 10A per ring

B-COMMAND Slip Ring Series Roller

The slip ring roller is particularly characterised by its compact design. The robust metal housing made of sheet steel and the aluminium base offer a protection class of IP 65. By using ball bearings, the slip ring can be operated at rotational speeds of up to 100 rpm. Different materials for rings and brushes allow the transmission of high electrical power and/or signals.

The slip ring roller can be manufactured in 3 standard versions of 6, 12 and 24 rings. An adapted cover is available for each of the versions.

The rotor and stator are separated centrally on the underside of the base. The central metal tube of the rotor, on which the rings are mounted above the inside of the housing, is inserted into the slip ring in conjunction with the ball bearing.

The design of the slip ring roller leaves the design of the rotor and stator open to the customer. It is also possible for both parts to rotate in relation to each other.

The slip ring body, which is manufactured as standard for 10 amps per ring, has “V-shaped” rings and “V-shaped” brushes. This shape of the rings and brushes promotes reliable signal transmission and offers maximum contact reliability even with large vibrations within the system.

The cable exits for the brushes are located radially on the bottom part and the cable exit of the rings is axial through the central tube. The slip ring roller is supplied with pre-wired rings. The cables have a length of 2000mm, but can be specified differently on request.

Rings and brushes, which are made of brass and copper graphite as standard, can be coated with a silver or gold alloy. This leads to an increase in contact quality and has a positive effect on the wear characteristics.

The roller also provides the platform for a variety of special options such as connectors, special cables, integrated encoders and the like. We would be pleased to prepare individual offers for you.