Slip Ring PRG

Slip Ring PRG

Slip Ring Solution with 4-14 Rings

B-COMMAND Slip Ring Series PRG

Mechanical Specifications:

  • without housing
  • 4-14 Rings
  • max. 30 rpm

Electrical Specifications:

  • Protection degree IP00
  • operating temperature -20°C…+60°C
  • max. rated current up to 120A per ring

B-COMMAND Slip Ring Solutions Series PRG

The slip rings PRG 90 and PRG 120 each consist of a brush block and a module block. Both components can be freely planned into systems so that perfect integration of the slip rings is possible. Brass or copper-graphite brushes with a power of 50A, 80A or 120A are available.

The center tube of the PRG offers a free inner diameter of 42mm. This allows the passage of liquid or power lines, drive shafts or wire ropes. All components inside the tube are not affected by the surrounding rotation.