6-15 rings for up to 50A per ring

Slip ring series PRS

Mechanical Specifications

  • Aluminium housing
  • 6-15 Rings
  • max. 30 revolutions / min

Electrical Specifications

  • Protection degree IP55
  • Operating temperature -20°C…+60°C
  • max. rated current: 20A / 30A / 50A

Slip ring bodies series PRS in robust aluminium housing

The slip ring PRS is particularly characterized by its robust housing. It can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements by different cover heights. Various materials for rings and brushes enable the transmission of high electrical power, signals and data from BUS systems.

The base of the housing is made of aluminium, the cover is made of sheet steel. A total of 3 cover heights are available, which are used depending on the number of rings required.

The cable inputs and outputs are designed axially. The separation between rotor and stator is centrally located on the bottom of the base part.

Within a radius of 75mm is the rotating central tube, on which the rings are mounted above in the interior of the housing. The brushes are fixed above on the bottom part. The simple construction of the PRS leaves the definition of the fixed and the rotating component to the customer, or the definition of whether both parts should rotate in relation to each other.

The cable exit of the brushes is made via a cable gland axially on the bottom of the base part. The cabling of the rings is done through the central tube with an inner diameter of 42mm.

There are 3 different module sizes available with the respective outputs 20A, 30A and 50A. Rings and brushes, which are made of brass or copper-graphite as standard, can be coated with a silver or gold alloy. This increases the contact quality and has a positive effect on the wear properties.

The combination of different module sizes or materials of brushes and rings makes the PRS a robust and multifunctional slip ring which is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.