Compact slip rings with HD feedthrough

rotarX hybrid slip rings - HD-SDI (1080p)

Mechanical Specifications

  • Aluminium housing
  • Contact material: Gold
  • Protection degree IP51 (higher on request)

Electrical Specifications

  • 1 HD-SDI Channel
  • 2-48 Rings
  • Rated current from 2-10A per ring

rotarX hybrid slip rings for power, signal and HD-SDI (1080p) transmission

The hybrid slip rings with HD-SDI transmission are specially designed for the transmission of high-resolution video signals and power or electrical signals. The slip rings can transmit uncompressed, high quality video signals at max. 2.5 GHz from fixed to rotating parts.

Besides max. 1 HD-SDI (1080p) line, the slip ring can be designed with max. 24 power lines (max. 10A) or 48 signal lines (max. 5A).

The housing is made of solid aluminium and offers maximum protection for electrical and media transmission components.

Hybrid slip rings for electrical transmission combine the most advanced fiber brush technology with silver-to-silver or gold-to-gold multi-contacts, they offer low electrical noise for transmission of fieldbuses with high data rates, low contact pressure for a long service life and are maintenance-free.

We offer standardized & modularized design and fully customizable products according to the specific needs of customers in different applications.

If you have specific customer requirements, we will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate recommendation for your specification.