ATEX and IECEx products

In various industrial areas, safety components must meet the requirements for hazardous areas. This applies to the chemical industry, for example, but also to many areas of the food and automotive industries.

Our ATEX and IECEx approved products


ATEX pendant station

The LadyX pendant station is a single- or double-row operating device for auxiliary current applications in hazardous areas. Thanks to the specially developed metal housing made of aluminium, special seals and explosion-proof cable entries, the LadyX pendant station has been able to obtain ATEX and IECEx approvals.

ATEX Cross Limit Switch

The AlphaX explosion-proof cross lever limit switch is designed to control the movement of overhead cranes, bridge cranes, other lifting equipment and complex industrial machinery used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The AlphaX cross limit switch offers many different switching configurations. The cross bars can move to 3 or 4 fixed switching points or can be used as multi-turn limit switches without end position.

ATEX Kreuzhebelendschalter, IECEx Kreuzendschalter AlphaX B-COMMAND
B-COMMAND Getriebeendschalter FRX ATEX IECEX Mining Edelstahl Nockenschalter Nockenschaltwerk Getriebegrenzschalter

ATEX Rotary Limit Switch

The new ATEX-approved rotary limit switch FRX is used to control the movement of industrial machinery in hazardous areas.
The housing of the FRX offers space for 2, 3 or 4 snap-action switches with 1NO / 1NC changeover contacts. All normally closed (NC) contacts are force-opening NC contacts for safety functions.

ATEX Slip Ring

The slip ring EXD was developed especially for use in silos. Various materials for rings and busts enable the transmission of high electrical power, signals and data from BUS systems. Two module sizes are available with power ratings of 7A and 34A. Rings and brushes, which are made of copper graphite as standard, can be coated with a silver or gold alloy. This increases the contact quality and has a positive effect on the wear properties.


ATEX Catalogue

To give you a perfect overview of B-COMMAND’s products and solutions in ATEX and IECEx areas, B-COMMAND has created a separate catalogue with products for hazardous areas. Of course, the B-COMMAND team is at your disposal for consultation.

ATEX/IECEx regulations

The requirements for equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as laid down in the ATEX directives for Europe are increasingly being replaced by internationally valid IECEx regulations. The essential change for the user is that dust and explosion protection are combined and uniformly regulated in the new worldwide standardization. With the increasing requirements, the safety level is growing at the same time.


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