Slip Ring PRP

Slip Ring Series PRP

6-36 Rings for up to 50A each Ring

B-COMMAND Slip Ring Series PRP

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Plastic housing
  • 6-36 rings
  • max. 30 revolutions / min

Electrical Specifications:

  • Protection degree IP51
  • operating temperature -20°C…+60°C
  • max. nominal current: 20A / 30A / 50A

Slip Ring Series PRP – the modular Slip Ring Solution from B-COMMAND

The modular design of the slip ring PRP allows it to be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. Various materials for rings and busts enable the transmission of high electrical power, signals and data from BUS systems.

The thermoplastic housing of the slip ring consists of different flaps that are joined together in a modular fashion. When selecting the plastic, special attention was paid to mechanical strength and temperature stability.

The cable entries and exits are radial. The separation between rotor and stator takes place above the yellow blades in the area of the solid rubber ring. The simple design of the PRP allows the customer to define the fixed and rotating parts, or to determine whether both parts should rotate in relation to each other.

Another special feature of the PRP series is the central tube with a free inner diameter of 42mm. This allows the passage of liquid or power lines, drive shafts or wire ropes. All components inside the tube are not affected by the surrounding rotation.

There are 3 different module sizes available with the respective outputs 20A, 30A and 50A. Rings and brushes made of brass or copper-graphite as standard can be coated with a silver or gold alloy. This leads to an increase in the contact quality and has a positive influence on the wear properties.

The combination of different module sizes or materials of brushes and rings makes the PRP a compact and multifunctional slip ring that provides a cost effective solution for a variety of applications.