Pinion Gears for rotary limit switches and encoders

Measuring pinion series Zeta


  • Module sizes from M1 to M24
  • Number of teeth on request

Mechanical Specifications

  • Temperature resistant to -40°C
  • for rotary limit switches and encoders

Messritzel Serie Zeta – Ritzel für Getriebeendschalter und Encoder

Our measuring pinions are specially manufactured for use with encoders and rotary limit switches. They are sold in conjunction with our FRS and FCN series rotary limit switches, but can also be adapted to any shaft size of absolute or incremental encoders.

The largest area of application for these products is wind power, where the rotation of the blades or nacelle is specifically monitored by means of these gears together with rotary limit switches.

We would be pleased to make you an offer especially for the type you require.