High vertical range of manufacture guarantees best quality

The industrial structure of B-COMMAND and its partners is particularly expressed by the production of three different product types:

  • Standard products, as shown in our technical documentation
  • Standard products modified at customer request
  • New solutions, specially designed for us together with the customer

The production of standard products, which are divided into a diversified range of products, accounts for a significant part of the production volume. However, the flexibility of B-COMMAND and its partners is more evident in the production of products designed in cooperation with the customer, which require changes to the standard models for specific industrial requirements, or completely new products developed and produced according to the needs.

All components of the products, from plastic covers to electronic components, are manufactured and assembled within the production process. This extremely high level of vertical integration contributes to maintaining quality standards and enables consistent control of the entire production process.

The central aspect of production is determined by the various plastic injection moulding machines. All parts for all devices are produced here under our own management. This type of production allows a maximum flexibility for each component according to customer requirements.

The production structure is completed by the offer of the technical research department for the production of new products and products developed according to customer requirements. With its know-how, refined by decades of experience, rigorous methodologies and attention to detail, B-COMMAND, together with its partners, is able to produce series products that perfectly reproduce the original sample.

The rationalisation of processes through sophisticated procurement logistics allows orders to be fulfilled according to the most modern optimisation techniques in the field of stock management.

Innovative solutions during planning and a high vertical range of manufacture make B-COMMAND a competent partner for your handling and control technology.


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