DC contactors for conveyor and lifting technology

DC direct current contactors series Tecno

Mechanical Specifications

  • Main contacts: 1NO / 1NO+1NC
  • Lifetime (switching operations): 2 million

Electrical Specifications

  • Utilization category DC5
  • Nominal voltage: 12V or 24V

Direct current contactors series Tecno

The DC contactors of the Tecno series are characterized above all by their high performance combined with a very compact design. The contactors have been designed primarily for use in the field of conveyor and lifting technology. All contactors are used for main current applications.

Tecno series contactors can be used in forklift trucks, in industrial cleaning machines, for various applications on board ships or boats, or even for road and rail transport vehicles.

The coils of the Tecno 4 series are provided with screw terminals.

The contactors offer complete protection against oil, water and dust.

The contacts are made of a silver alloy. They are opened and closed at 2 different points, which makes them resistant to electric arcs and allows use under heavy load.