New Cross Lever Limit Switch Catalogue

Overview cross lever limit switch

New catalogue of cross lever limit switches from B-COMMAND

The safe limitation of the end positions of cranes and trolley travel of overhead cranes is realised by our cross lever limit switches. In addition to the basic stop function of cross travel for each direction via 2 contacts, we are also able to implement a slow down and stop function via 4 contacts. In addition, special switching configurations enable the exclusion of defined areas outside the crane’s travel range.

Alpha, Beta and Lambda series cross lever limit switches are specially designed for use in heavy industry.
All materials used guarantee robustness, good mechanical stability and maximum resistance to oil, gas and extreme temperature fluctuations.

The technological progress in crane development brings higher demands on the cross lever limit switches for new machines. All of our cross lever limit switches are designed for high speed cranes and are
can be used with max. 3m/s starting speed. The housings of the
Cross lever limit switches are made of extremely resistant ZAMAK die-cast material or fibre-reinforced thermoplastic, which is
is also resistant to high mechanical loads.

All our cross limit switches are equipped with 3 possible cable entries in size M20. This allows flexible cable routing for the installers. In addition, we offer pre-wiring.