New catalogue: Pendant station LADY


New catalogue: Pendant station LADY – Single-row pendant station for industrial applications

The single-row pendant stations of the LADY series for auxiliary circuits are the result of B-COMMAND’s many years of experience in the development and manufacture of industrial control devices. These pendant stations are mainly used in industrial lifting technology – to control cranes, overhead cranes, hoists and winches – or in numerous industrial applications where machines or goods are to be moved indoors or outdoors.

During the development of the hand-held control unit, particular attention was paid to ergonomics and ease of use, while the mechanical resistance and reliability that have always characterised B-COMMAND products were retained unchanged in the choice of materials used.

The optimised interior allows for easy and quick wiring. Bridge contacts are optionally available, which have been developed to minimise the wiring effort. The available contacts of the BC series are available with 1 or 2 speed levels. The contact elements are permanently mounted in the lower part of the housing and are wired there. Thus, the cover can be opened without affecting the wiring. This increases the service life of the contact elements and prevents cable damage. The top and bottom parts are sealed with a very robust all-round rubber seal, which gives the pendant station an IP65 degree of protection. Opposite direction keys can be locked against each other by means of a mechanical lock, which helps to protect the motors.

The Lady pendant station is available in 8 sizes, from 2 to 12 buttons, various controls and switches can be fitted to each type on request. The emergency stop button is designed in accordance with EN 13850. The NC contacts have a positive opening (EN 60947-5-1) and are also available in a redundant version with 2NC.

All keys are marked with international symbols. The contact elements have self-cleaning sliding contacts made of silver alloy. In addition to the standard symbols, individual inscriptions can be applied. In addition, a wide range of special accessories is available to meet all customers’ safety and operational requirements.