Insights From the Crane and Lifting Industry

Crane and Lifting Industry

The crane and lifting industry is a growing industry, which is expected to reach up to $22 billion USD by 2026, according to Globe Newswire. This is due to the increased investment in both the construction and shipbuilding industry, where cranes and lifting equipment are essential. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of this growing industry, and will highlight some of the products offered by B-COMMAND, that are designed especially for this industry. 

Industry Overview

As more parts of the world become urbanized, the crane and lifting industry has experienced a boost as well. The development of the APAC region especially has led to an increased demand for crane and lifting technology. Modern-day cranes can be up to hundreds of meters in height and have become an essential part of any construction project. In addition to construction cranes, most production facilities utilize different technologies to optimize the efficiency and safety of their operations. This includes bridge-, gantry-, and overhead cranes, just to name a few. These can be found across industries, including automotive, manufacturing, power plants, ship building, and many more, highlighting the importance of crane and lifting technology. 

Products for Crane and Lifting

At B-COMMAND, we have long-standing experience working with companies within the crane and lifting industry. As a result, we have developed a number of products designed to address the challenges of this industry. 

Pendant StationPendant stations

Our LADY pendant stations are a single-row solution for operating bridge cranes and hoists. This pendant station has been designed for easy installation and handling, and can be used in heavy industrial environments. The basic housing is available in 6 different sizes with up to 12 buttons, all of which can be configured freely. All materials that are in direct contact with the environment are resistant to gases, oils, and extreme temperature changes. 

Radio Remote Controls

We offer a variety of radio remote controls, including our Jump series. These can be used in a number of applications due to their small size and compatibility. The Jump series is a handheld remote control, designed to optimize safety functions, including a stop button. Due to its modular design, there is a lot of room for a highly individual adaptation of the control, based on your desired specifications. 

Cross Limit Switchcross limit switch

The cross limit switch is an essential part to increase the safety and functionality of cranes and hoists. In addition to the basic stop function of the cross travel for each direction, we are also able to implement a slow-down and stop function via four contacts, for increased safety. The ALPHA series stands out due to its robustness, and has been designed especially for the heavy industrial environment. In addition to the ALPHA, we also offer our Beta, Lambda and AlphaX cross limit switch (designed specifically for ATEX / IECEX). We are happy to help you find the right cross limit switch for your use. 

At B-COMMAND, we have more than 25 years of experience working within industry and understand the demands placed on products. The crane and lifting industry is a growing and versatile industry, and we would be happy to assist you with your next project. We offer a number of standardized and custom solutions, so please feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives for assistance.