Joysticks with or without handle

Joysticks for up to 4 positions

Mechanical Specifications

  • 1 or 2 axes
  • maximum 4-stage per direction
  • Dead man’s button
  • electrical interlocking at zero point

Electrical Specifications

  • Protection degree IP00
  • Operating temperature -25°C…+60°C
  • Insulation class I
  • Force-opening NC contacts

Joysticks for conveyor and lifting technology

The joysticks can be moved along one or two axes, either crosswise or 360°. The joystick can also be moved orthogonally over up to 4 positions from the 0-point.

Special attention was paid to the safety aspects of the joysticks:

  • electrical locking at zero point
  • dead man’s handle at zero

Maximum inclination for each direction: 40

Optionally, potentiometers can be attached to each axis.

All force-opening NC contacts are made of a silver alloy. Gold contacts are available on request.