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Slip Ring Roller

  • Aluminium housing
  • 6 to 24 rings
  • Mixed executions
  • Option: gold and silver coated rings, absolute encoder, cable with connector

Technical Characteristics

Protection degree IP 65
Nominal currents10A
Nominal voltage400V AC/DC
Brush materialcopper graphite
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
Max. rotation speed100 rotations/min

The characteristic feature of our slipring Roller is the compact housing. The robust metal housing made of aluminium and steel offers protection degree IP65. By the usage of ball bearings the slipring can be rotated with maximum speed of 100 rotations per minute. Different materials for rings and brushes allow transmission of power, signals and industrial networks.


The slipring Roller is manufactured in three standard sizes: 6, 12 or 24 rings with 10A each. For each standard size we offer covers in different heights.


The division of rotator and stator is done in the centre of the base part. The rotating central pipe is located with the above (inside the housing) mounted rings on it. The brushes are fixed on top of the base part.


The design of the slipring Roller allows the customer to define rotor and stator part. It is also possible that both parts rotate towards each other.


The slipring is manufactured with 10A each ring in the standard version. The rings and brushes have a special “V-shape” design which secures transmission of power and signals even during vibration of the machine.


The cable exit for the rings is a M32 metal cable gland which is radial mounted on the central metal pipe on the bottom part. The cable exits of the brushes are two axial cable glands. The rings are pre-wired with a standard cable length of 2000mm. The length and type of cable can of course be customized.


Rings and brushes which are made of brass and copper-graphite in the standard version, can be covered with silver or gold in order to increase the signal quality and performance according to abrasion.


The slipring Roller is a perfect platform for various customized solutions like integrated absolute encoders for position signals, mounting of special cable with connectors or special ring configurations. Please contact us in order to check your requirements. We look forward to our conversation.