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Slip Ring PMT

  • Aluminium housing
  • 6 to 30 rings
  • Option: gold and silver coated rings, cable with connector

Technical Characteristics

Protection degreeIP 55
Nominal currents10A
Nominal voltage660V AC/DC
Brush material copper graphite
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
Max. rotation speed30 rotations/min

The characteristic feature of our slip ring PMT can be seen in the compact housing. It can be adopted flexible to the particular requirements by its different cover heights. Various materials for rings and brushes allow the transmission of high electrical power, signals and data for different BUS-systems.

The PMT is manufactured in two different versions: The PMT-A has a flat bottom part including holes for the fixation pins. This allows the mounting on plain surfaces. The PMT-B has a central pipe which is not flat and the fixation pins are already mounted into the bottom side.

The division of rotator and stator happens in the centre of the base part. In a radius of 75mm the rotating central pipe is located with the above inside the housing mounted rings on it. The brushes are fixed on top of the base part. The simple construction of PMT allows the customer to define the rotating and non-rotating part, or even to define both parts as rotating.

The cable exit of the brushes is realized by max. 4 radial cable glands at the bottom side of the base. The cables of the rings are led through the central pipe with an inner diameter of 42mm. The slip ring is already pre-wired with a standard cable length of 2m. Customized versions including plug and socket solutions are available on request.

One module size with power rating of 10A is available. Rings and brushes are made of copper-graphite and can be covered with a silver or gold coating. This leads to a higher con¬tact performance and influences the abrasion characteristics in a positive way.