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Rotary Limit Switch FCN for Hoist- and Conveyour-Technology

Geard Limit Switches up to 5 Contacts and optional Potentiometer / Encoder
  • 2 to 5 contacts
  • Revolution Ratio from 1:7,5 to 1:550
  • Snap action switch and slow action switch of different kind
  • Various cam width
  • Optional: pin coupling, gauge pinion, potentiometer, encoder, flexible shaft, flange

Technical Characteristics

Shaft12 mm stainless steel
Protection degree IP 65
Rated insulation voltage250V
Rated operational current3A
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
Insulation categoryClass II

The driver rotary limit switch series FCN is built-in during many years in the various applications. The longtime experienced switch has been proved especially for cranes and in heavy industrial areas.


In general the rotary limit switch is used to control the movement of industrial machinery and systems. The rotations of the shaft are transferred to a cam controller through which mechanical switching contacts are actuated. All variants of the switching contacts are available as auxiliary power switch.


For the rotary limit switches series FCN rotation ratios ranging from 1:7,5 to 1:550 are available. The switch can be equipped with up to 5 switching contacts. Each cam can adjust individually to the desired position and allows the flexible setting of end positions and reference points.


Transmission and gear driving shafts are made of stainless steel to prevent oxidation and wear.


All materials in direct contact with the environment are resistant to atmospheric agents, oils and extreme temperature changes. The rubber gaskets ensure optimal protection against dust and liquids, thus the protection degree of IP 65 is easily reached. The optimized internal space allows the make of all connections easily and quickly.