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primeCAM - Electronic Rotary Limit Switch with SIL2-Approval

Electronic Switching Cam Encoder fulfills highest Safety Requirements
  • 1 - 8 mechanical contacts
  • based on optical absolute encoder 
  • total resolution: 25 or 29 Bit
  • freely programmable cams
  • freely programmable working area
  • standard version including mechanical contacts analogue output, SSI output, incremental output and combined SSI+incremental output
  • SIL2 certification

Technical Characteristics

Shaft12 mm stainless steel
Protection degree IP 66
Material HousingSeawaterproof Aluminium
Absolute Accuracy0,1°
Operating temperature-40°C ... +80°C
The next Generation of Rotary Limit Switches

The primeCAM system is the first multifunctional electronic rotary limit switch offering a big variety of interfaces and high precision position signals. Based on a optical absolute position sensing system primeCAM reaches an absolute accuracy of 0,1° which allows all new possibilities of position measurement and limiting end positions of industrial machines.

With primeCAM a new era of electronic rotary limit switches begins. A common R&D division of the companies Baumer and B-COMMAND has combined the advantages and the know-how of conventional geared limit switches and modern encoder technology – safe switching operations and highest accuracy at the same time.


Up to 8 potential-free changeover contacts and up to 20 switch points for each cam allow reproducing complex switching sequences for automation technology. A solid housing made of seawater-proof aluminium offers a high protection
degree for heavy duty industrial environments.



primeCAM for Wind Power


The primeCAM system was designed with special focus on requirements of the wind industry sector. Both companies, Baumer and B-COMMAND, have long term experiences in the field of renewable energy and therefore all customer needs are well known.


The design and all used materials allow the usage of the system in onshore and offshore wind turbines and all components are certified for operational temperature of -40°C. In the basic housing a big variety of interfaces is already integrated and allows an economic embedding of primeCAM.

primeCAM is designated for combining several safety relevant functions for yaw and pitch control.



  • Cable Twist Protection
    The movement of the nacelle is limited in both directions by using mechanical switches in order to protect the cables hanging in the tower. Additionally any reference positions can be indicated.
  • Wind Direction Adjustment
    The accurate measurement of the nacelle position in combination with analyzing the wind direction allows a precise adjustment of the wind turbine perpendicular to the wind. A high performance in this task causes maximum efficiency and elongated lifetime of several components.



  • Blade Position
    Especially the blade position and the synchronous adjustment of all blades have a massive influence on efficiency and structural stability of the machines. primeCAM can offer a major advantage here in the fields of reliability, electronic and mechanical integration and for high-accuracy measurement of the blade position plus defining the cam positions.
  • Diagnostic Function For Improved Safety Concept
    For the first time a full functional diagnostic system is covering the absolute sensing system plus the mechanical switches. This permanent and holistic monitoring system of all safety relevant components of primeCAM allows a perfect protection of the machine and a higher safety level.