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Radio Remote Control Jump

  • 6, 9 or 12 buttons + start/stop
  • Dual configuration of the control channels for higher safety level
  • Receiver with 12 or 20 relays
  • Receiver with or without enclosure
  • Option: Data-Feedback, Take-Release, Master-Slave

Technical Characteristics

Numbers of buttons6-13 Buttons
Protection degreeIP 65
Operating range80 m
Autonomous duty> 10 hours
Operating temperature-10°C to +55°C
Weight incl. battery470 gr.

Due to its good compatibility and small dimensions the radio remote control series Jump can be used in several different application fields.


Particular attention was paid to safety features, such as the stop button. This is controlled with 2-stop relay and dual microprocessor.


In respect to ergonomics and sturdiness a lot of development has been invested in the conception of the transmitter to guarantee an optimal liaison of all aspects. The transmitter is provided with removable battery packs, which can be easily inserted and removed. Moreover, it is equipped by a comfortable, stuffed, double fastening belt.


The frequency and automatic stop time can be changed easily through the transmitter control buttons.


The receiver is available in 2 versions: for outdoor in a enclosure in IP65 or for indoor at control boards which can be installed on DIN rails and provided with an external antenna.


Other special types of radio remote control jump are available on request. The modular system allows much scope for individual adaptation of the control according to customer specification. Labeling can, of course, be adapted to customer requirements.


3 different sizes:

• 7 push-buttons (6 commands + start/stop)

• 10 push-buttons (9 commands + start/stop)

• 14 push-buttons (13 commands + start/stop)


Battery Charger

2 different types:

• 220 V AC

• 12 V DC


2 possible versions:

• in plastic enclosure(IP65) for outdoor installation, with 12 or 20 relays

• without enclosure for control board to be installed on DIN rails, with 20 relays