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Radio Remote Control JoyPlus

  • Bidirectional communication
  • Display
  • Up to 2 Joysticks + 6 buttons
  • Receiver with enclosure (IP65)
  • Various special solutions on request
Technical Characteristics
Numbers of buttonsup to 2 Joysticks + 6 Buttons + Stop
Protection degree IP 65
Operating range80 m
Autonomous duty> 8 hours
Operating temperature-10°C to +55°C
Gewicht Weight incl. battery1100gr.
Bidirectional Radio Remote Control - JoyPlus

The series JoyPlus from our radio remote control program is the two-way version, by which the transmitter unit can not only send commands to the receiver but in addition receive feedback from the radio commanded machine and processes them.


The transmitter with 2 joysticks - 1 or 2 axis – is designed to operate a large numbers of motors at the same time and is equipped with a LCD display with 24 alpha-numeric characters and a number of small icon symbols.


Immediate information regarding weight, distance, working conditions, errors, etc. can therefore be easily shown on the display.


If the operating machine is provided with an intelligent serial connection, the type and quantity of feedback are virtually unlimited. In this case the message construction is governed directly by the machine, using a number of simple software functions.


If no serial interface is available, a series of ON/OFF inputs is provided at the display in any case, which can be used to visualise specific messages pre-set into the device.

Safety Aspects

Safety has always been a priority for all products of B-COMMAND. All radio remote controls are designed with double control channels operated by dual microprocessor circuit. In addition to receiving the commands from the transmitter, each of the two microprocessors carries out a continuous check on the functioning of the other. The exit circuit is provided with 2 safety relays for the STOP function. This particular circuit design also guarantee in case of failure of any kind a safe shutdown of the machine.


In addition a 48-bit key serves for the individual coding connection between transmitter and receiver.