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Accessory for Main Switches

Additional Auxiliary Contacts and Meutral Poles

The additional auxiliary poles allow the extension of a main switch for additional auxiliary contacts or neutral poles. The neutral poles are available as early make, simultaneous make or solid neutral. Both are available for all sizes and mounting options of the switches.



Cable Glands Plastic

The cable glands are especially designed for the knock outs in the plastic enclosures for the surface mounted version. They are available in grey and black from size M12 to M63. Further sizes on request.


We also offer the opportunity to customize the enclosure for you. If you require lager cable glands for our knock outs we are able to mill lager holes to archive an optimal fitting.



Cable Glands Metal

On request we are also able to supply all switches inside a metal enclosure. Therefore we also offer the fitting metal cable glands made of brass, nickel-plated. All metric sizes area available.



Additional Fron Plate

The rectangular front plate is mounted directly above the switch, easy to snap-in. It has the similar size for all sizes of main switches and all mounting options. We are also able to offer several warning stickers eg. on request.