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Emergency-Stop Buttons ASI Safety at Work

  • AS Interface Safety at Work
  • Panel mounted and surface mounted version
  • Different accessories for connection to the network
Technical Characteristics
Protection degreeIP 65 (for front installation)
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
Mechanical life 1 million switches

The AS-Interface solution offers for the users a cost effective alternative to conventional wiring harness. The goal of this technology is to reduce the wiring input, to simplify the assembly and minimize the possibility of errors.


Instead of having up to 10 connecting lines per command device only 2 wires in clamp techniques have to be erected and to loop through. With this 2-wire-bus up to 62 command devices can be networked and power supplied. An AS-Interface network consists of a control unit, a so-called master and the associated sensor and actuator components, the slaves.


The AS-Interface system is the simple wiring system for the lower level of the industrial communication. The network topology is freely selectable. There are gateways for all common fieldbus systems such as CAN, DeviceNet, Ethernet, Interbus, Profibus, etc.

Based on the standard ASI-protocol for the “Safety at Work” system an additional safety monitor is connected to the system. This undertakes during running system a continuous comparison between projected and actual sequences at all safe slaves. Returns a slave a wrong code sequence, the Safety Monitor responds to a safe shutdown.


When you plug in a B-COMMAND Safety emergency stop button in the AS-Interface network a unique code for this actuator is generated. The actuation of the emergency stop will be indicated to the safety monitor with the code sequence "0000". If one of the two contacts of the emergency stop fails or for any reason the actuator is disconnected from the contact element, the safety monitor will indicates by a specific code that the hardware is faulty. An accurate diagnosis is thus possible very quickly.