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Charging Connector Series Europe

  • Amperage of 80A, 160A, 320A
  • Plastic housing resistant to bases and acids
  • Main contacts made of silver-plated electrolytic copper
  • Normalized voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V, 96V

Technical Characteristics

Harmonized StandardsDIN 43589-1, DIN 43589-2
Maximum operating voltage 150V
Mechanical life1 million connecting-disconnecting manoeuvres

The DC connectors series Europe are suitable for linking electrical motors, batteries and battery chargers for lift trucks and electric vehicles up to each other.


Each model is made up of a plug and a socket different from each other, and both prepared with a fitting for a handle.


All types are prepared for the use of reducing bushings depending on the diameter of cable used. The main contacts are in silver-plated electrolytic copper.


As laid down by the Norms for couplers for electrical powered vehicles the connectors are supplied with a coding pin for operating voltage which ensures that only same voltage plugs and sockets will be connected. The codified values are 24-36-48-72-80-96V.


Standard equipment includes a cable clamp with strain relief for joined plug and socket, which guarantees protection degree IP23. All electrical parts are finger-safe.


In addition, two auxiliary contacts featuring maximum 20A continuous duty with advance opening compared to the main contacts can be mounted.


The European Union has led to the unifying and standardising of norms for all lift truck manufacturers. Their products must therefore satisfy the norms included in the European Machine Directive EEC 89/392 and EEC 73/23. Here the requirements for the connectors are clearly defined.

The connectors series Europe have CE markings and are in conformity with the following Norms DIN 43589-1, DIN 43589-2, Recommendations FEM 4007a, FEM 4007b, EEC 86/663 Add.C, EN 1175-1, EEC 73/23.