Cross Limit Switch AlphaX

Cross Limit Switch AlphaX

ATEX and IECEx-approved cross-end switch

Explosion-pfoofed Cross Limit Switch AlphaX


  • INERIS/ATEX Certificate: 13ATEX0020X/INE 13.0051X
  • Mining class: I M2 d I Mb (ATEX); Ex d I Mb (IECEx)
  • Gas and Dust Classes: II2GD Ex d IIB o. IIC T6 Gb Ex tb IIC T85°C Db IP66

Electrical Specifications:

  • Protection degree IP66
  • Operating temperature -40°C…+60°C
  • G20 Cast Iron

Cross lever limit switch AlphaX with ATEX approval

The explosion-proof alphaX cross-lever switch is designed to control the movement of hall cranes, bridge cranes, other hoists and complex industrial machines used in hazardous areas.

An explosive atmosphere is a mixture of air and gases, vapours, vapours or combustible powders, wherein the combustion spreads rapidly after ignition at atmospheric pressure (explosion). The cross-lever limit switch works together with the control of the system as an auxiliary current switch via a contactor or the PLC.

The housing can accommodate 2 or 4 slow action switches. The contacts are delivered as 1NO+1NC potential-free contacts. All opener contacts are forced-opening contacts for security functions. The cover is fastened with unscrewable screws.