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Acceleration Sensor BSW

Vibration Measurement for Wind Turbines
  • Outputs: Analogue or CanOpen
  • Plastic Housing fibre-reinforced
  • Stable Mounting with Metal Lashes
  • M12 Connector
  • Operational Temperature up to – 40 °C

Since many years B-COMMAND is one of the leading suppliers for safety technology for the wind turbine market. In close communication with our customers it is our permanent goal to improve the machinery safety and to increase efficiency and lifetime of the industrial machines.


The measurement of vibration on wind turbines plays an important role for safety and lifetime of several components. Major problems of the wind turbine can occur caused by damages on bearings, drives or by defects inside of gears. A permanent measurement of vibration on different spots inside the machine can lead to a detection of possible problems in an early stage and thereby help to avoid larger damages.


The requirements on vibrations sensors differ very much. The range goes from simple mechanical pendulum switches up to complex vibration monitoring systems.


The acceleration sensors of the BSW-series from B-COMMAND can be used for universal requirements and offer a high degree of accuracy and safety. The measurement of acceleration is realized by MEMS-sensors with output signals either analogue or CanOpen. For easy connection and integration the sensors can be connected by a standard M12-connector. The corresponding cable including connector can also be ordered in various lengths.


The construction of the sensor allows many possibilities for customization. Gladly we will discuss your requirements with you.