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New Products

Explosion-Proof Products: ATEX- and IECEx-certified pendant stations, cross limit switches, rotary limit switches and slip rings

In various industrial areas, safety components must be manufactured according to explosion protection requirements. This is especially relevant for the chemical industry and also for many areas of the food and automotive industries.

B-COMMAND offers you the  ATEX- and IECEx-certified pendant station LadyX, which is used for example in silo technology, as well as the ATEX- and IECEx-certified cross limit switch AlphaX for overhead cranes and hoists used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Our new ATEX- and IECEx-certified rotary limit switch FRX, which is available in ratios from 1:15 to 1:1578, is suitable for limiting end positions of all industrial machinery used in hazardous areas.


For rotative transmission of electrical power and data we offer our ATEX slip ring series EXD which is well established in silo technology for grain and for packaging machines. 

The requirements for equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres laid down in the ATEX directives for Europe are increasingly being replaced by internationally applicable IECEx regulations. The main change for the user is that the new global standard combines dust and explosion protection and regulates them uniformly. As requirements increase, so does the level of security.

New flange for rotary limit switch series FRS


As the smallest of our rotary limit switches, series FRS is used in especially space critical conditions. Due to high demand and requirements of the market a new front side fixing flange has been developed. With an outer diameter of only 75mm the new flange offers 6 variable fixation points for a compact frontal mounting on e.g. winches or motors.


As an optional accessory it can be retrofitted on demand to the rotary limit switch.


Both flange versions are available with immediate effect and have been integrated to our standard delivery range.


If requested we are able to provide 2D- or 3D-data for customer projects. We are looking forward to your enquiry. Your B-COMMAND Team

New Product Overview 2016

We are very glad to introduce our new product overview to you today. At a total of 32 pages you will find all products of our big three segments: Control-Technology, Transmission-Technology and Switch-Off-Technology.


Beside a lot of innovations within the range of sliprings we have also included our new electronic rotary limit switch with SIL2-approval "primeCAM". On request we will send you a printed version. Best Regards from Hamburg from B-COMMAND Team.

Request Form Pendant Control Station Series Lady

In order to simplify the inquiry of pendant control stations for our customers, we established a new request form for our series Lady. Because of the big variety and numberless possibilities of customization of our pendant control stations we want to enable a easy and clear way of inquiring our products.


In addition to the pictured standard-components we offer a wide range of further accessory on request. Of course all pendant control stations can be ordered pre-wired and including connector if requested. We look forward to your inquiry.

B-COMMAND again raises the Bar for Quality of Pinion Gears

Starting from 1st January 2016 the B-COMMAND GmbH sets a new standard for the established pinion gears series Zeta. The composition of materials was optimizes due to admixing special glass fibre parts and outreaches now all known requirements to these products. Thereby also future standards can be fulfilled without any problem.


The pinion gears are mainly manufactured for the usage together with rotary limit switches or absolute encoders. They are used as position metering system of the nacelle or the blade of a wind turbine. The pinion gears can also be used together with the new electronic rotary limit switch primeCAM with SIL2-approval.


All components have to be designed for a minimum lifetime of 20 years which is standard for wind power industry. Additionally all materials have to be resistant against grease and oil which is used for lubrication of the gear wheels. The minimum operational temperature of -40°C, which is possible to use the new or also the old material mix, also challenges the material.


The addition of a special glass fibre to the synthetic granule increases the material flexibility and supports the form stability also at extreme temperature changes. The new material mix will be manufactured in black colour instead of white for the former version. With two different colours it is possible to keep apart clearly both qualities. 


The conversion to the new material composition has taken place during turn of the year 2016, so that all customer orders are already supplied in new glass-fibre-reinforced quality. B-COMMAND has decided to offer the improved quality also for the same price level even if the production process is more complex and the cost for raw material has increased.


The General Manager of B-COMMAND GmbH, Mr. Jan Schwonbeck, comments: “With this product optimization we take into consideration the permanently increasing requirements towards all components within wind power industry. Together with our rotary limit switches we see the pinion gears as logical unit which we permanently improve and prepare this unit for future requirements. Already during design process we select synthetic materials in view of extreme climatic changes as our products are used on all continents. We have worked several months on the perfect combination of synthetic granule and glass fibre elements and with the finished product we are now sure to be able to cover all requirements from customer side.”  


Further information regarding pinion gears series Zeta you can find here...

„Best-in-class“ electronic rotary limit switch: The successful cooperation of Baumer and B-COMMAND

A common technology project in windpower was successfully completed: electronic rotary limit switch primeCAM with SIL2/PLd certification is the result of the joint development and close cooperation of Baumer and B-COMMAND. Merging the high innovation power and profound expertise of each partner, the project was successfully finalized with primeCAM certification and start of production. The outcome of common commitment: A "best-in-class" electronic limit switch with SIL2 certification that sets new benchmarks in precision and setup.


Baumer and B-COMMAND share a longstanding and close partnership which has brought up innovative and customer-oriented solutions for the windpower industry. Their core competencies in technology expertise, detailed application know-how and international alignment assimilated into the development of the new electronic limit switch and make primeCAM meeting all of the ever-growing specific requirements on safety, precision and system integration.


For many years, B-COMMAND has been developing and manufacturing systems for position measurement and cable-twist-protection at wind turbines. „Particularly when it comes to mechanical limit switches, we have been deploying Baumer encoders for many years since we trust in their very high quality standards “, explains Mr. Horst Lau, Managing Director B-COMMAND. An even more close-knit relationship in technology was the next logical step. The company headquartered in Hamburg is a leading manufacturer of rotary limit switch systems for yaw and pitch control with far-reaching contacts in the windpower industry.


Baumer, leading at international level in sensing technologies, has likewise established as a competent partner for reliable sensor solutions in windpower. "With this cooperation we further expand the Baumer market position and enhance our application knowledge for continued development of more high-innovation sensor solutions”, underlines Joachim Acker, Head of Sales of the Baumer product segment Motion Control.


primeCAM, the jointly developed electronic limit switch, combines the benefits and proven principle of conventional mechanical limit switches with cutting-edge encoder technology. Both companies are convinced that primeCAM marks the dawn of a new era of electronic limit switch systems with versatile function libraries, configuration options and installation capabilities. "With primeCAM we succeeded in creating a product platform combining safe cut-off by electromechanical relay with ultimately precise position feedback supplied by optical encoder", says Jan Schwonbeck, Key Account Manager B-COMMAND. Integrating even more safety tools and diagnostics for all safety-relevant components, primeCAM ensures extremely safe performance of wind turbines while improving existing safety concepts and simplifying implementation of the machine directive. Already in the standard version, primeCAM provides multiple interface capabilities and hence enables easy integration into existing contol and network systems.


Based on an optical absolute encoder developed by Baumer, primeCAM operates with an absolute accuracy of 0.1°. „And this way opens up a completely new potential in limit stop control and position feedback at wind turbines and other industrial installations“ adds Phillip Kaim, Product Manager Baumer. The primeCAM design and integrated components were selected under particular windpower aspects to match both onshore and offshore application requirements. This product novelty is the first to allow for limit switch contact monitoring by absolute encoder diagnostics.


Find out more of this new development on the appropriate product page.




Cross Limit Switch Alpha

The cross limit switch Alpha is manufactured with a large metal housing and offers much space inside for comfortable wiring of the contacts. The housing has enough space for 2 or 4 forced opening contacts and is equipped with non-loosable screws only.  


The cross limit switch Alpha offers many different switching configurations. Beside a simple version for stop-function in 2 directions we can offer also slow-down and stop-function in 2 directions. Of course we are able to realize also special switching configurations according to your requirements.  


All materials in direct contact wth the enviroment are resistant against gases, oils and extreme temperature changes. The integrated rubber sealing enables protection degree IP 65 without any problems. The limit switch is constructed and designed according to the new machinary directive 2006/42/EG and offers performance level D.


Find out more of this new development from our company on the appropriate product page.



Pendant Station Direct for Direct Control

Our latest development in the area of the pendant station is our pendant station series Direct, especially designed for main current application.


Especially in the German market still many manufacturers of winches and lifting devices produce their devices with a direct control without the use of contactors. Since this is a speciality of the German market, there were in the area of the pendant station for main current very long no new developments.


With the pendant station series Direct we offer a completely new and very modern device designed for direct control of your lifting equipment. The device meets all required standards and is designed for capacities up to 3.0 kW.


Find out more of this new development from our company on the appropriate product page.