New Product Overview

We are very glad to introduce our new product overview.

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Research and Development

Market-Driven Solutions for Crane Technology

The in-house laboratory, designed to conform to the EN 40051 directive, is equipped to test product operational safety and also insures that the EN Standard specifications are fulfilled. The laboratory is fully equipped to carry out mechanical, electrical and climatic tests for all kinds of control and monitoring units.


For the development of customer specific products it is essential to carry out tests that surpasses the standard demands. This principle enables to shorten the product development time, and subsequently a superior testing phase for each product.


The B-COMMAND laboratory facility is available to esteemed customers, in order to test one’s own devices and to optimally integrate our devices in existing equipment units.


Below is a brief overview of the B-COMMAND internal testing opportunities:


  • Electrical Tests:
      Short circuit strength
      Electrical rigidity
  • Mechanical Tests:
      Verify protection degree, permeation of solid and liquid matter
      Shock resistance
      Withdrawal force
  • Climatic Tests:
      Thermal shock


The internal construction department made up of several engineers is constantly developing new solutions and constructing for new products to the market.


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