New Product Overview

We are very glad to introduce our new product overview.

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Company Structure and Organisation

Flexibility and Know-How - Our Philosophy

The importance of the human factor is an essential part of the structure of the company B-COMMAND. We are confident that the particular expertise of its human resource adds a significant part to the competitive advantage of the company. Thanks to the integration of the different company areas, as opposed to rigid company departments, B-COMMAND has managed to realize the concept of a flexible yet efficient organisation.


B-COMMAND believes that another key aspect for the high performance ability of its organizational structure is due to the philosophy that both, customer as well as suppliers, are to be viewed as central elements in the business partnership. It is company conviction that this is one of the key points for economic success and long term customer satisfaction.


The technical know-how of the employees is supported by constant trainings, which subsequently leads to a smooth integration of the different departments. Every B-COMMAND employee is in the position to give a customer technical advice. This leads to short but efficient communications between customer and supplier saving both parties valuable time and effort.


The ability of each B-COMMAND staff to solely lead a technical consultation and to make the necessary decisions raises the sense of responsibility and in turns leads to a higher appreciation of the results. This is an important impulse for continuous dedication enhancement, and further strengthening of the partnership with customers.


It goes without saying that these principles apply to all of the B-COMMAND team including our sales representatives across Germany. With this move B-COMMAND has made the choice for optimized customer service by on-site sales representatives. This increases the communication with customers and is also an important cornerstone in line with the company philosophy.

B-COMMAND is constantly looking for new and better ways to optimize its customer service. The company organizational structure supports this principle in making realization easier.