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Wind Sensors

The windenergy is one oft the most important branches of industry worldwide. To get the maximum profit of every wind turbine it is important to observe the wind direction and the wind speed at every second. These dates will be using to track the wind turbine. For the measurement of this parameter, the static and dynamic wind sensors by B-COMMAND are the perfect components.

Static Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

The static wind sensor from B-COMMAND is ideal for cold-climate locations due to its intelligent heating principle. The integrated heating regulates the heating power depending on wind speed and direction. The ultrasonic wind sensor is protected by a specially designed seawaterproof aluminium housing. The ultrasonic transceivers, developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, measure the wind direction and wind speed with a measuring rate of 50Hz. The ultrasonic wind sensor provides a resolution of 0.1° for wind direction and 0.1 m/s for wind speed measurement. These can be read out via various protocols and interfaces .


Datasheet Static Ultrasonic Wind Sensor (329 kB)

Dynamic Wind Sensors

The dynmaic wind sensors from B-COMMAND are available for measuring wind direction and wind speed. In the course of the years, we have continuously optimized our wind sensors and developed an improved protection against electrostatic discharges. Due to the developed protection, the wind sensors from B-COMMAND are ideally suited for use in hazardous areas. The dynamic wind sensors are equipped with an optimal heating concept in order to enable measurements on, for example, wind turbines in any location. The housing and the measuring elements are made of seawater resistant aluminium. The specially developed magnetic, non-contact measuring principle (MPES) in a robust housing ensures untiring year-round use. These properties make the wind sensors from B-COMMAND to the perfect offshore solution!


Exemplary Datasheet Wind Speed Sensor (268 kB)

Exemplary Datasheet Wind Direction Sensor (217 kB)

Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

The B-COMMAND temperature-humidity-pressure sensor ("THP sensor") is a combined instrument for measuring relative humidity, air temperature and air pressure. The specially designed IP65 aluminum housing allows the sensor to be used in all climate zones. The large measuring ranges at temperatures from -40 to +70°C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity and barometric pressures of 500 to 1100 hPa are resolved in 0.1°C, 0.1% and 0.1 hPa. The THP sensor enables the reading of meteorological data by various interfaces and protocols. The capacitive humidity measuring elements are very low-maintenance due to their resistance to air pollutants. The THP sensor from B-COMMAND is the perfect sensor for high quality applications in meteorology!


Datasheet THP-Sensor (234 kB)

Sensor Shelter

Sensor shelters are used to protect temperature and humidity measuring instruments against unmeant influences of the weather when effecting measurements in the open air. Constructionally all sensor shelters are in such a way arranged that the data acquisition area of the installed sensor are located in the middle of the shelter.

The measuring result would be safe an comparable.


Drawing Sensor Shelter (291 kB)