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Geared Cam Limit Switches for Wind Turbines

Rotary Limit Switches for Position Monitoring of Blade Pitch

By adjusting the blade pitch of wind turbines the rotation speed and the output level can be affected significantly. In this field rotary limit switches are mostly important for generating a high-accuracy position signal of the blade position. The basis of an exact adjustment of the blades is having the possibility of measuring the real-time blade position in a very accurate way. 


The mechanical switches limit the absolute end positions of the blade. Even more important for the pitch-application is free-of-play integration of absolute encoders or other electronic position sensors. Therefore our rotary limit switches offer both an high-accuracy internal gear outtake with 1:1 ratio as well as the possibility of mounting an external encoder on a elongated shaft. Both options are the basis for a high-precision position measurement of absolute encoders.


All limit switches can be supplied including mixed-up proof calbe plug-connectors and pre-adjusted cams. For easy integration of the limit switches during the time of construction we offer multiple 3D-models for each individual defined specification.


The high protection degree of IP66, the usage of fibreglass-reinforced technopolymer plastic materials with a stainless steel shaft and the use of self-lubricating components guarantee a long-term durability of our rotary limit switches. Already during the design-period of or limit switches all plastic materials, lubrication material and sealing material were selected especially for cold climate conditions as -40°C operational temperature. As unique manufacturer we can offer a total certification of all components for cold climate conditions.


The combination of mechanical switches and electronic position measurement technology enables B-COMMAND rotary limit switches to be used as complete position measurement system. We offer you the long-term experience of the B-COMMAND team in the field of wind power also for a common solution designed for your wind turbine.

Technical Specifications 100% customized

Our rotary limit switches offer a big potential of customization. Up to 10 mechanical switches of different types can be mounted inside the housing. For each switch the customer can choose between 10 different types of cams.


The variable shaft length of the stainless steel shaft can be defined freely and also holes, threads or fit-in key solutions are possible. The elongation of the shaft allows the connection of a hollow shaft absolute encoder which is driven directly by the shaft and allowing a maximum accuracy of the position signal of the shaft thus the blade.


Also inside the housing of our rotary limit switches a big variety of encoders and other sensors for position monitoring can be mounted. Therefore we offer a high-accuracy 1:1 gear outtake for multiturn encoders. Beside this we are able to mount single turn encoders used on a gear outtake with freely-definable gear ratios.


For the mechanical connection to the pitch gear wheel several pinion gears in different sizes are available. All pinion gears are also self-desinged and manufactured by B-COMMAND. The electrical connection can be done by a cable mixed-up proof plug-connection.