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Additional Products for Wind Power

Slip Rings

Another main part of the production of B-COMMAND are slip rings. We offer a wide range of slip rings for various applications and in different construction designs. Beside transmission of high power we are able to transmit several bus-signals, analogue signals and different types of sensor signals. Visit the product pages of our slip rings here...


On-Load Switches

On-load switches and cam switches play an important role in electro-technics. Since several years we produce main switches and we have expanded the range since the end of 2010 significantly. All on-load switches are made in Germany - our responsibility for high quality, short delivery times and market-driven prices. We fulfil all international regulations and norms and even customized solutions can be manufactured in a short period of time. Visit the product pages of our on-load switches here...


Emergency-Off Buttons

The Safety-Line emergency-off buttons include a wide range of emergency-off mushroom buttons. Our emergency-off buttons assure a safe shutdown and thus safety for human and the machines. All items of the product line are made in Germany. We guarantee high quality and fast delivery times. We fulfill all international norms and regulations. Visit the product pages of our emergency-off buttons here...