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Stage Technique

Rotary Limit Switches and Sliprings for Theatres

For todays concerts or plays the stage constructors are constantly faced with new challenges. The ability to quickly change props and backgrounds, to exactly position lighting and to rotate a whole stage has become the norm.


The switching off and limiting the movement at the individual winches is done with the aid of a rotary limit switch. The end positions are limited at the cam switch through the switch contacts. A more accurate position can be achieved through the evaluation of encoder or potentiometer signals.

In order to be applied in the stage technique a special certification according to BGV-C1 is required for every machine. All our rotary limit switches fulfill this requirement and can be implemented with out any reservations.


Many theatres today use rotating stages which are extensively electrically connected (power, signals, bus networks). For the transfer from fixed to rotating stage parts we offer our slip rings of the rotarX series. With the aid of slip rings, power ratings up to 1000A and various signals (USB, Ethernet, Profibus, COAX, optical fibre, HDMI 4K etc...) can be transmitted.